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Public Consultation on access to information and open government data

Access Info Europe and the Open Knowledge Foundation, in collaboration with the Open Society Institute Information Program, held a public consultation on open government data and the right of access to information.

This consultation was based on the new report "Beyond Access: Open Government Data and the 'Right to Reuse'" produced as a result of research into the open government data and access to information movements. It identifies the practical, technical and legal challenges facing these movements. The report is based on discussions with activists about the main issues to be address in the next couple of years, questions such as whether a right of access is linked to a "right to reuse" the data received.

You can download the full report here

The consultation ended on Monday 11 October 2010.

To see the changes made following this consultation, click here odf2odt-16x16 file_doc


Please find the original consultation below:

Consultation: we would like to hear your comments on the "Beyond Access" report.

  • » Did we miss any important initiatives?
  • » Are there issues we should include?
  • » Are you doing something you'd like us to capture in the report?
  • » Do you agree with our findings and recommendations?

There are two ways to make comments:

1. Fill in our questionnaire on the report by clicking here.

2. Make comments on the individual paragraphs at