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Access Info Europe Reports and Financial Info

This section of the website provides an overview of Access Info's activities and finances. On this page you will find annual and financial reports.

Transparency Policy

Information held by Access Info Europe is assumed to be public and will either be published proactively on the website or will be available upon request. Limited exceptions to protect legitimate interests (such as privacy) may apply but we make a strong presumption of public interest in transparency.

Access Info publishes proactively the annual financial reports (in English) along with account balance sheets (in Spanish). Detailed financial reports including financial reports on specific projects, details of expenditure, etc., are available on request. Original copies of invoices and other documentation is available for review in the Access Info office in Madrid.

Access Info uploads documents in Word and Open Office formats wherever possible and almost always in PDF format. Spreadsheet formts are also available on request where the data exists in this format (Excel and similar open source versions). If you should come across a document which you cannot open, please let us know, and we will happily send it to you in another format whereever possible.

Of course, if you see anything on the site that you have questions about, or disagree with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your suggestions or comments. Either send us an email: info[at], or go to the Contact Us page.

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Financial Reports

Access Info is an association which is funded by donations from private and public funds.

The summary financial reports for can be found below, along with the balance sheets.

file_pdf Activity and Financial Report 2013

file_pdf Activity and Financial Report 2012

file_pdf Activity and Financial Report 2011


file_pdf Financial Report 2013

file_pdf Financial Report 2012

file_pdf Financial Report 2011

file_pdf Financial Report 2010

file_pdf Financial Report 2009

file_pdf Financial Report 2008

file_pdf Financial Report 2007

file_pdf Financial Report 2006


file_pdf Account Balance Sheet 2011-12 (Spanish)

file_pdf Account Balance Sheet 2010-11 (Spanish)

file_pdf Account Balance Sheet 2009-10 (Spanish)

file_pdf Account Balance Sheet 2008-9 (Spanish)

file_pdf Account Balance Sheet 2007-8 (Spanish)

file_pdf Account Balance Sheet 2006-7 (Spanish)

Official Spanish Government Certificates justifying that Access Info is up to date with tax and social security obligations

 file_pdf Certificate of being up to date with Tax Payments October 2013

 file_pdf Certificate of being up to date with Social Security Payments October 2013