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Using the Right to Know

Access Info helps others use the right of access to information. We provide tools, training and advice to NGOs, journalists, individuals and others who need information to do their jobs or for their daily lives. We join forces with other organisations to campaign for information to be made available where it is unjustifiably kept secret. Our particular focus is information needed for work to defend human rights and protect democratic freedoms.

Use it or lose it! When you use your right to put questions to government, you not only get information but you also reinforce the right itself. Using the right to know contributes to open and accountable governments and to informed and empowered citizens.

Civil Liberties Info Map: Access Info is helping human rights groups across Europe get access to information that is being withheld in the name of the war on terror. We are also mapping what information is available in order to help civil liberties groups with their advocacy.

Access to Information for Journalists: Access Info provides know-how, training and legal support to journalists who want to get access to information from national public bodies or from the European Union. Access to reliable (rather than leaked or reported) government information can be particularly important for those defending marginalized or threatened individuals or those reporting on corruption.

Budget Transparency: Access Info works to ensure that governments are accountable to the general public and as transparent as possible. To this end, we push governments to publish information on their spending and national budgets.

Litigation: When governments refuse to disclose information that we believe should be public, Access Info challenges these decisions in court. We also file what are known as "amicus curiae" ("friend of the court") briefs in important cases. You can read here about our ongoing litigation which aims to get national and international tribunals to recognise the right of access to information.

Toolkits: Do you want to get government information but you are not sure where to start? Have a look at our toolkit which gives guidance on how to file information requests in various countries around Europe. There is also a specialised toolkit for those working on aid transparency.

Access Info Help Desk: This service is for anyone who has questions about accessing information. If you are having difficulty obtaining information or are unsure how to file a request for information, click here to contact the help desk.

Our Requests: We, at Access Info, also make requests for government information. You can read here about our requests and what happened to them.