We are happy to receive donations at any time. Any contribution – even just €5 or €10 – is valuable support for our activities. It helps pay for our websites, phone calls, campaign materials etc. Please see below on the details for making a financial donation.

Foundations or individuals who would like to discuss in more detail how to support Access Info’s work can contact the Executive Director, Helen Darbishire by clicking here or by phoning + 34 667 685 319.

NB: If you want your funds to be dedicated to a particular campaign, please put the reference code and the money will be dedicated to that budget line, for which full financial reports will be available.

Donations via Pay Pal

NB: we do not accept anonymous donations over €100. We need to know where the money is coming from, but we will not publish your name if you do not wish it to be public.

International bank details

The bank account for receiving donations is:
Account Holder: Access Info Europe
Account (IBAN): ES9221002133990200291748
Bank: La Caixa, Paseo de la Habana 2, 28036 Madrid, Spain

Bank transfers inside Spain

Bank: La Caixa, Paseo de la Habana 2, 28036 Madrid, Spain
Bank code: 2100
Branch code: 2133
Bank digit: 99
Account: 0200291748

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