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Debate abierto: Apoyamos un registro de lobby obligatorio, dicen candidatos al parlamento europeo

video_screenshotMadrid, miércoles 24 de abril 2014 - Su apoyo a un registro de lobby en la Unión Europea ha sido el mensaje de los candidatos al Parlamento Europeo en el debate abierto sobre transparencia y regulación del lobby celebrado en Madrid ayer, día 23 de abril, por Access Info Europe.

Este evento dió una oportunidad única a los ciudadanos para hacer preguntas directamente a los candidatos, bien de manera presencial o bien a través de Twitter. Las respuestas demostaron las diferencias de opinión entre los candidatos veteranos, Salvador Garriga (PP) y Enrique Guerrero (PSOE), ambos eurodiputados en activo, y los aspirantes de UPyD, IU y Equo-Primavera Europea.

Desde su experiencia parlamentaria, los primeros mostraron una concepción del lobby más natural, necesaria e integrada en la actividad cotidiana de los eurodiputados, y defendieron la transparencia de su propio trabajo en el Parlamento Europeo. Ambos expresaron la necesidad de seguir mejorando la transparencia del lobby, pero lo presentaron como un proceso inevitable más que como un problema a resolver: el lobby existe, cada vez está mejor regulado y debe seguir siendo una parte esencial del proceso de toma de decisiones de la UE.


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Transparency in the European Union

Access Info is working towards a more transparent EU by promoting stronger rules for access to documents and ensuring that existing rules are properly applied. We provide training on how to request information from the EU, campaign for greater transparency and, when necessary, litigate to get access to information. We also manage, an online platform for making access to documents requests to the European Union.


European Union Regulation 1049/2001

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Access Info and the European Union

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Access the EU!

Guide on access to EU documents / Access Info Help Desk

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ECB Criticised for Lack of Transparency over Financial Crisis

Madrid/Brussels, 7 March 2014 – The European Central Bank (ECB) has once again come under fire for lack of transparency over the financial crisis, this time from the European Ombudsman who today regretted the decision not to release a letter sent to Ireland’s Finance Minister in November 2010.

The ECB letter, which might reveal pressure on the Irish government to enter the EU's bailout programme, was requested by Irish journalist and FOI activist Gavin Sheridan in December 2011 via the web platform The request and all correspondence can be found here.


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European Parliament votes to increase transparency of decision-making

EPPlenaryvoteMadrid/Brussels, 7 March 2014 - Access Info Europe has welcomed the decision [1] by the European Parliament to bring greater transparency to its decision making by recording and publishing records of final voting in committee. Previously most committee votes were taken by a simple show of hands and were not recorded.

The decision, adopted on 26 February 2014, applies to all final votes on resolutions and legislation. It also makes it compulsory to record and publish the final votes by MEPs in plenary on non-binding resolutions.


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Access Info joins We Promise campaign to get European Parliament candidates to support 10 point Charter of Digital Rights

wepromiseMadrid, 27 February 2014 - Access Info Europe today joined European civil society organisations campaigning for pledges from European Parliament election candidates to support the 10 point Charter of Digital Rights. This campaign is run EDRi, a network of European civil rights organisations defending digital rights.

Between 22 and 25 May 2014, European Parliament elections will take place in 28 Member States. The next five years will be hugely important for digital rights, with legislation expected on copyright, cybercrime, data protection and surveillance. The campaign aims to put digital civil rights issues firmly on the agenda of the election campaigns of all European political parties.


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Hackathon of the European Parliament: Analysing the assets declarations of MEPs

Hackaton_recapBrussels, 24-26 January 2014 - This year's Hackathon of the European Parliament, attended by Access Info Europe and other activists and programmers, resulted in an interactive visualisation of MEP assets declarations. Other projects by participants included an application for analysing voting, an application for searching declarations of interests, and a website that allows you to see which subjects have been tackled by the EU parliament over the past legislature.

At the Hackathon, Access Info took part in the project to visualise the assets declarations of MEPs, helping to create an informative and interactive visualisation for citizens to see how many MEP’s had a second job, to which party they belong and how much they earn. Click on these links to take a look at a summary of the statistics and the actual visualisation.


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Congratulations from the European Parliament and Michael Cashman on the ECJ ruling, Council v Access Info Europe


Madrid, 22 October 2013 - The European Parliament has issued a statement welcoming the 17 October 2013 ruling by the European Court of Justice in the case of Council v Access Info Europe Case C-280/11 P stating that EU citizens need a clearer and wider access to the decision-making process.

The European Parliament had joined Access Info Europe in defending against attempts by the Council of the EU to quash a 2011 its 2001 win before the General Court which ruled that the NGO should have full access to Council documents.



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