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Access Info works to promote the publication of government data as open data for the maximum benefit of all in society.

Open data is data that is published in an open format under an open licence, so that it can be freely used, reused, and shared, by anyone for any purpose.

Access Info focuses on data that enables public participation in an evidence-based debate about social, economic, and environmental challenges. We advocate for opening data needed for accountability of government action, and to prevent and combat corruption. This includes data on:

  • Spending, including public procurement
  • Company registration and ownership
  • Climate Change
  • Digitalisation
  • Gender equality
  • Migration
  • Health
  • Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals

Here you can find out about Access Info’s work to opening up data for democracy, along with all the latest news.



22Dec 2022

Global Data Barometer: What the EU should do to close the data gap

Madrid, 22 December 2022 – Access Info is today calling on the European Union and EU Member States to act to ensure that data needed for priority issues such as for preventing corruption and tackling climate change, is made public in all countries. This call comes following the publication

9Dec 2022

Missing Data Opens the Door to Corruption

Madrid, 9 December 2022 – On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, Access Info is calling on European governments to do more to ensure that the data needed for preventing corruption is both collected and made public. In the wake of the shock ruling from the Court of Justice

8Dec 2022

No Biodiversity: Europe’s Missing Climate Action Data

Madrid, 8 December 2022 – As the UN Biodiversity Conference opens in Montreal, Canada, Access Info has raised concerns about the shortage of biodiversity data with the Global Data Barometer findings being only 43% for biodiversity data in European countries, and only 27% globally. Our research found that no

6Dec 2022

Not all Expression is Lobbying

Submission to OECD Consultation on Lobbying and Influence Madrid, 6 December 2022 – In its analysis of the draft OECD Recommendation on the regulation of lobbying and influence, Access Info has warned of the risk of some governments using the proposed provisions to limit media freedom and freedom of

21Feb 2022

OGP Summit Side Panel: How strong is your right to know?

14 December 2021 – The measurement of the right of access to information is still in its infancy, although there are now some important initiatives, including from UNESCO and the OECD to capture data from governments, whilst civil society projects are developing more in-depth tools to measure transparency in practice.

Cover photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash