How can access to information legislations help governments navigate times of crisis? What roles do legislations play in saving lives and reducing inequalities in the face of emergencies?

Access Info Executive Director Helen Darbishire participated on the Open Talks Webinar “Access to Information, Transparency and Openness: Taking Forward Agenda 2030 in Times of Crisis”, which discussed international standards of upholding the right to information, and how such practices create transparency and openness required to navigate crises.

The event, organized by UNESCO and the Open Government Partnership, addressed the importance of proactive disclosure and other mechanisms of information sharing can strengthen the capacities of governments to respond to crises effectively. It also investigated how the implementation of digital technologies can lead to increased proactive publication of information and build resilience for future crises.

Taking into the consideration the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants investigated different cases where the active provision of information and data have positively impacted the response to the government. In addition, the webinar discussed the consequences of suspending or altering access to information laws and their implementations during the crises.


  • Helen Darbishire,Executive Director of Access Info Europe and Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership.


  • Shushan Doydoyan, Freedom of Information Centre, Armenia.
  • Delia Ferreira Rubio – Chair, Transparency International.
  • Ania Calderon, Executive Director at the Open Data Charter.
  • Ilaria Fevola, Legal Officer, Transparency, Article 19.