19 Jun 2015
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Transparency is Essential for a Credible Post-2015 Development Agenda

Madrid, 19 June 2015 – Access Info Europe has joined civil society organisations from around the globe in calling on the UN to take significant steps to integrate transparency, accountability and participation more fully into the Post-2015 development agenda. In proposing a series of crucial edits to the “Zero Draft” of the Outcome Document for the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the Transparency, Accountability and Participation (TAP) Network argues that a development framework that fails to promote openness will lack credibility and risks disempowering the very communities it should be serving. “The development agenda for the next 15 years must include mechanisms that [...]

10 Jun 2015
  • The Global Agenda 2015: Jim Yong Kim

Civil society urges World Bank to collect and publish beneficial ownership data of contractors

Madrid, 10 June 2015 - Over 100 civil society organizations from around the globe including Access Info Europe, on 8 June 2015 called on the World Bank to require that all companies bidding for Bank-financed procurements disclose their beneficial ownership information and that this information be published in an open data format as part of the Bank’s efforts to foster transparency in its contracting practices. Such a move would be in line with current trends to end corporate anonymity: On 5 June 2015, the Norwegian Parliament voted unanimously to establish a beneficial ownership registry, following in the footsteps of the [...]

9 Dec 2014
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End impunity for corruption and recognize people’s rights to information and participation

Hundreds of groups worldwide call for governments to act Madrid, 9 December 2014 - On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, the UNCAC Coalition, an anti-corruption network of 350 public interest groups worldwide and of which Access Info Europe is Europe Region Corrdinator, is calling on governments to get serious about tackling corruption as they agreed when they adopted the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). The groups point to a hemorrhaging of public resources and growing inequality and instability around the world due to corruption. One concrete step that governments should take without further delay is to establish a requirement [...]

26 Feb 2014
  • stopsecretcontracts

Launch of new global campaign to stop secret government contracting

Madrid, 27 February 2014 - Today sees the launch of a new global campaign, Stop Secret Contracts, calling on world leaders to end secrecy in public contracting. The campaign is coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation, and signed by Access Info Europe along with  signatories including Global Witness, Integrity Action, the International Budget Partnership, the Sunlight Foundation and Transparency International. The need for openness and transparency in contracting is an issue which has gathered increasing momentum in recent years. The global value of government contracts estimated at $9.5 trillion [1], but even in countries with strong government transparency laws the [...]

12 Dec 2013
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UN anti corruption conference makes progress on beneficial ownership transparency and access to information

Madrid, 13 December 2013 – Access Info Europe has welcomed the progress made on beneficial ownership transparency and access to information mechanisms during the recent conference of governments which are signatories to the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), held on 25-29 November in Panama. Access Info Europe has been engaged in advocacy for stronger transparency mechanisms under the UNCAC as part of the UNCAC Coalition of civil society organisations. The agreement to promote transparency of the real owners of businesses followed significant advocacy work by civil society as well as an impassioned conference speech by former UN Secretary General Kofi [...]

23 Aug 2013
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UN Convention against Corruption: Call for action on right to information and company ownership transparency

Madrid, 23 August 2013 – NGOs today urged parties to the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) to take action to promote adoption of access to information laws and to increase the availability of information on beneficial ownership of private companies. A letter sent today to members of the UNCAC Working Group on Prevention, by Access Info Europe and Global Financial Integrity together with the civil society UNCAC Coalition, urged priority action on transparency measures essential in the fight against corruption. “Access to information is vital for civil society organisations and members of the public to be able to fulfil their [...]

30 May 2013
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Focus on Access to Information Laws essential for implementation of UN Convention against Corruption

Vienna, 29 May 2013 – Access Info Europe today called on States Parties to the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) to make strong mechanisms for access to information a priority issue. The right of access to information is a key tool for the prevention of corruption, yet there is no mention of it in the work plan of the UNCAC’s Working Group on Corruption Prevention. Speaking at the UN Convention against Corruption Briefing for NGOs today, Lydia Medland of Access Info said, "To fight corruption, citizens and civil society organisations need effective access to information laws which not only oblige [...]

2 Aug 2012
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Access to information: a growing priority in the fight against corruption

Madrid, 1 August 2012 - At the first ever civil society briefing with States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) which took place in Vienna this June, access to information and participation remained top on the agenda for both civil society advocates and government officials. Civil society representatives, one after another emphasised the need to be involved in the process of reviewing what states had done to implement UNCAC anti-corruption obligations. At the same time, a vast majority of state representatives also welcomed civil society participation in the UNCAC process, citing numerous examples of positive cooperation with NGOs. [...]

28 Oct 2011
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Civil Society Calls for Greater Transparency in International Negotiations on the Fight against Corruption

Marrakesh, 28 October 2011 – Transparency International Spain and Access Info Europe have joined civil society organisations from around the world in calling on governments signatory to the UN Convention against Corruption to show greater commitment to fighting corruption and to be more open in what they are doing to tackle it. The 154 countries which have committed to United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) are currently meeting at the 4th Conference of States Parties, making it the world’s largest forum for adopting measures to combat corruption and to evaluate advances in reducing it. “Even though many counties have demonstrated [...]

27 Oct 2011
  • Lydia_speaking_UNCAC

Access Info Calls for an End to Closed Negotiations on Fighting Corruption

Marrakesh, 27 October 2011 – Access Info Europe, participating in the Marrakesh negotiations of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), today made a formal intervention in the plenary session calling on States Parties to end discussions behind closed doors about how the treaty is implemented. The UNCAC is the strongest international anti-corruption convention and its comprehensive and transparent implementation is vital to the fight against corruption. States Parties will meet tonight (27 October) between 9pm and midnight to discuss opening these meetings to civil society and therefore bringing necessary transparency to the implementation [...]