Summary: The Register Can Be Downloaded Online, But You Need a Danish Electronic ID

Request sent to Central Company Register (Click here)
Outcome of request The database can be downloaded online but you need a Danish electronic ID number.
Time taken to respond 11 working days (deadline is 7 working days).


The request was sent on 4 November 2013 to the Central Company Register by Access Info and our partner, Christian Villum. The Central Register answered the next day, in Danish and including a link to the Danish company register. Access Info responded on 5 November 2013 asking if it was possible to continue the correspondence in English, and we were responded to the next day, in English, with a request for clarification on exactly what information we were seeking access to.

Access Info clarified on the same day that we were seeking access to a copy of the entire database and the Register responded, also on the same day (6 November 2013), stating that they didn’t understand the request because there were thousands of companies in the register.

On 26 November 2013 we responded one more time clarifying the request, and on 11 December 2013 we received the following response stating that they could give us the information, but that we needed to agree on a delivery method because the database was too large to send via email. They also reminded us that we could download it from ourselves, but when we tried that we found that we needed to enter a Danish online authentication or ID number.

Accessing the Danish Company Register

Information available (for free) The following information is available for free:

  • Registration number
  • Company name, address and the municipality in which the company´s registered office is located
  • Secondary names
  • Power to bind the company
  • Status
  • Individuals (founders, executive board, board of directors) – without addresses
  • Financial year
  • Date of the latest published financial statement
  • Objects clause
  • Individuals (foudners, executive board, board of directors) – with addresses
  • Auditors
  • Registered shared capital
  • Date of establishment
  • Dates of the three latest published financial statements
  • Financial year
  • Historical data

You can also download the following information for free:
CVR extraxt: Information about the private address of the owner of a privately owned company.
Small list of individuals: A person search shows an individual´s company affiliations.
Extended list of individuals: The extended person search also shows information about the entire group of individuals affiliated with the different companies.
Premises: Premises are a list of associated production divisions with information about their:

  • Names, addresses and the municipalities in which the registered offices of the companies are located
  • Corporate form
  • Sector/industry
  • Number of employees

Databank: The databank may supply structural data according to defined criteria, e.g. all grocers in the Central Jutland Region with 10-20 employees.

Provision for public access Full database is available under open license, in machine-readable format and at no cost at this deep link: /CMS/DisplayPage.aspx?pageid=140 – but it requires digital authentication with your ID, and is therefore only available to Danish citizens or residents.
The full database is available for bulk download if you register, then you get an email with a download-link enabling the download of the full database in .CSV format. The data is also available in XML and XLS/excel formats.
Copies of documents may be ordered online on under “Andre produkter” (Other products).
All documents can be ordered for delivery by e-mail or collection at our reception against payment of a fee.
Cost per record The price of copies of certified documents varies:

  • Extract of powers to bind is DKK 100: Information about company address, individuals, and power to bind.
  • Compiled summary, DKK 300: Information about the company´s current status, i.e. the latest registered information such as registered office, capital, individuals, financial year, etc.
  • Complete extract, DKK 400: A complete extract of registered information containing, in addition to the company´s current status, all published registrations since 1986.
  • Company certificates, DKK 500: Proof that the company is legally established in accordance with Danish legislation. The certificate is available in Danish and English; with wafer.
  • Name change certificate, DKK 500: Information on the history of the company name. The certificate is available in Danish and English; with wafer.
  • List of managerial posts and directorships, per person DKK 100: This provides information about an individual´s company affilitations.
  • Copies of documents, DKK 100: articles of association, protocols from annual general meetings, valuation reports, opening balance sheets, merger and demerger plans, equity documents and financial statements.
  • Financial statement: DKK 100
Cost for whole database You do not need to pay for access.


Additional Information:
Denmark´s Right to Information (RTI) Rating (Click here)
Danish Access to Public Administrative Documents Act (Click here)