Summary: A Case of Administrative Silence – No Response to Our Request

Request sent to Registre du Commerce et des Societes (Click here)
Outcome of request Administrative silence.
Time taken to respond N/A (Deadline is 30 days)
Reason for refusal No response received.


On 31 October 2013 Access Info tried to send a request to the Registre du Commerce et des Societes via email, but the “send an email” function was not working. We also tried to call the offices in Paris but they did not answer the phone. We therefore sent the request was by post on 12 November 2013. We never received a response, so the request was classified as a case of Administrative Silence.

Accessing the French Company Register

Information available (for free) Identity and address, activities, head of the boards, shareholders, amount of their shares and company’s share capital, administration and financial control. The company headquarters, employer identification number (EIN), legal form, field of activity, registration date, mission or activity description and annual accounts.
Provision for public access You can order documents from the Infogreffe Register by using a form which is found from the Trade Registers website:

You can order information service products for delivery by post / e-post and payment by invoice.
Cost per record You can get access to a profile for €2.33 if they send it in an electronic format. An extract can be picked up at the offices for €3.11 euros or sent via post for €3.84 euros.
Cost for whole database Data not available.


Additional Information:
The French Right to Information (RTI) Rating (Click here)

The French Law (De la liberté d’accès aux documents administratifs et de la réutilisationdes informations publiques) (Click here)