Summary: You Must Pay for Access and You Are Prohibited From Re-Using the Data

Request sent to The Chamber of Commerce – Italian Business Register (Click here)
Outcome of request Information refused.
Time taken to respond 14 days (deadline is 30 calendar days)
Reasons for refusal Must pay for access.
Personal privacy.
Restricted re-use of data.


On 31 October 2013, an initial request was sent to the Italian Business Register, seeking a full copy of the company register database. Under the Italian access to information law, the Chamber of Commerce has a one-month deadline for responding to requests.

On 14 November 2013, two weeks before the final deadline, the Register replied and stated that “the use of data acquired through the service must take place in accordance with local regulations concerning the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 as amended).” They also noted that it’s “prohibited from engaging in the distribution and / or sales of data, and… in particular, to extract the data in an automated and massive way in order to speed up activities or create autonomous databases.”

On 26 November 2013 Access Info answered and made clear that it would respect the relevant data protection provisions. We asked for a copy of the law or relevant rules which state that it is prohibited to distribute or sell data. Access Info also made clear that we were planning to make the information freely available on our website once we received it. However, no response was ever received to the follow-up request.

Accessing the Italian Company Register

Information available (for free) The name of the company, the registered Office and the business activity.
Provision for public access You can search in the register freely but then you must extract the requested document from the database, and pay for it.To extract documentation as an unregistered user, you can access and click on Apply Now in order to get visure records and financial statements.If you register, you can extract information in a customised fashion, selecting only the data that you need. You can conduct searches that are more structured and accurate, and you can see information about other branches and closed companies. If you are a registered user, you have access to a larger choice of documents.Registration itself is free of change, but you must pay for access to the information.
Cost per record Standard company profile: 3.50 €
Extended historical company profile: 4.50 €
Dossier: 6 €
Historic Dossier: 7 €
Cost for whole database Bulk access is not possible.


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