The Coalición Pro Acceso puts transparency to the test

Madrid, 5 April 2010 – In order to address the lack of transparency of Spanish public bodies and the lack of an access to information law, the Coalicion Pro Acceso today launched the “100 Question Campaign”. The goal it to demonstrate the need to for greater openness of the Spanish Administration.

The Coalicion Pro Acceso, a platform of 29 organisations campaigning for a law of access to information in Spain, has begun to request information from all types of public bodies. Previous studies have revealed that between 60% and 78% of information requests receive no response.

The questions, proposed by members of the public through the Coalicion Pro Acceso website, will be submitted to a wide range of public bodies.

Given the difficulties encountered by citizens in accessing public documents due to the lack of an access to information law in Spain, the Coalicion Pro Acceso aims to demonstrate the urgent need to improve compliance with a right which is protected by the Spanish Constitution.

“The right of access to information is essential for the fight against corruption and to ensure public debate about important topics such as the economy, unemployment, and environmental issues,” commented Victoria Anderica of Access Info Europe, a founding member of the Coalicion Pro Acceso

The government, fulfilling their electoral promises from 2004 and 2008 to adopt an access to information law, is currently working on a draft To date this draft law has not been shared with civil society.

«Getting information from Spanish institutions is an odyessy which demands a lot of time and effort from citizens. Given the continuing lack of responses, people are becoming discouraged,” added Victoria Anderica.

The Coalición Pro Acceso is asking the public to submit their questions via its website The results will also be published there.