Access to Information in Spain: Analysis and Guides

Access Info presents four key documents which review the current Spanish legal system for access to information. As well as detailed analysis Access Info presents a guide to accessing information in Spain.

In Spain there does not exist adequate regulation to recognise the right to access information. After in depth analysis it is clear that the only regulation dedicated to access to information is insufficient and does not uphold the basic principles and guarantees for access to information established at the international level.

Access Info has created four documents which intend to provide a close representation of the current state of access to information law in Spain. From the legal and practical basis, these documents are aids to assist the understanding of how to get access to information in Spain.

Analysis of the 9 principles and the Spanish legislation on access to information (document in Spanish) file_pdf file_doc odf2odt-16x16

The Right of Access to information: basic principles (in Spanish) file_pdf file_doc odf2odt-16x16

Questions and Answers (in Spanish) file_pdf file_doc odf2odt-16x16

Guide on how to use the Right of access to information in Spain (in Spanish) file_pdf file_doc odf2odt-16x16