Madrid, 25th August 2010 — Access Info today wrote to the Spanish government asking for information about the draft “Law on Transparency and Citizen Access to Public Information”. On Monday 16th of August the press carried news that the law would soon be approved by the Council of Ministers; nothing has been heard since about the progress of the draft law.

Meeting agendas of the Council of Ministers are secret in Spain until after the meeting has taken place. Access Info provided the government with comparative examples of other countries in which Cabinet meeting agendas are made public and asked to be informed when the Council of Ministers will consider the draft law. The letter also asks for a full consultation on the draft with members of the public and civil society groups.

Comparative information on openness of Cabinet Meetings (English) file_doc file_pdf odf2odt-16x16

Letter to the Spanish Government (Spanish) file_doc file_pdf odf2odt-16x16