The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU), which Access Info participates in as a Steering Committee member, is seeking sign-ons from civil society organisations for a letter to European Vice-President Frans Timmermans, as part of our campaign to improve lobbying transparency in Brussels.

The EU has a voluntary lobby register that covers the European Parliament and European Commission. The register is meant to tell us who the EU’s lobbyists are; who they are working for; how much they spend on influencing policy; and what specific dossiers they lobby on. Yet the lobby register does not deliver real transparency, as our recent report New and Improved? Why the EU Lobby Register still fails to deliver” makes clear.

ALTER EU believes that making lobby information fully transparent can limit unethical lobbying and ensure a better balance between corporate and public interest groups in the access to, and influence they have over, EU decision-making processes.

An announcement by European Commission President Juncker and First Vice-President Timmermans that they will work to boost lobby transparency is a positive development which now gives us a unique political opportunity to demand a high-quality and legally-binding EU register. But in order to achieve this, we need your help.

We would like to invite your organisation to sign-on to the attached letter which we will send to Frans Timmermans, the commissioner responsible, on Monday 11 May.

The deadline for organisational sign-ons is Thursday 7 May. To sign-on, please send a high resolution logo to Claudio Cesarano

To get involved in the campaign you can also:

To read a copy of the letter, please visit: