8-10 June 2015
Vilnius, Lithuania

Transparency International Secretariat hosted a meeting in Lithuania for its European chapters that were working on their two-year lobby transparency project. They invited Access Info Europe and ALTER EU as external participants to the meeting, to provide our feedback and input.

We specifically discussed the global lobby transparency standards that we have been working on alongside TI, Open Knowledge Foundation and Sunlight Foundation.

We also took some time to discuss our campaign work on lobby transparency at the EU level and proposed some ideas for joint activities, particularly on how TI chapters could engage in the Mandatory lobby transparency Now! campaign by ALTER EU.

Pam Bartlett Quintanilla also raised the idea of sending requests for information about lobby meetings under our transparency of decision-making project, which TI Ireland and Czech Republic seemed keen to do.

Pam Bartlett Quintanilla also did a short presentation of, including its campaign and widget functions.