In the recently published book «The UN and Freedom of Expression and Information – Critical Perspectives», from Cambridge University Press, Access Info’s Executive Director Helen Darbishire maps the current state of the right of access to information and sets out some of the challenges currently facing the right.

Darbishire notes that although the world’s first access to information law was adopted 250 years ago in Sweden 1766, it took the UN until 2011 to recognise this as a fundamental human right linked to the right to freedom of expression, and much remains to be done in defining this right and its relationship with other rights such as privacy.

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Other authors in the publication includes: Nigel Rodley, Tarlach McGonagle, Michael O’Flaherty, Yvonne Donders, Patrick Thornberry, Lucy Smith, Eliza Varney, Sylvie Coudray​, Toby Mendel​, Karol Jakubowicz, Aidan White, Sejal Parmar​, Martin Scheinin, and Antoine Buyse.