Madrid, 3 May 2016 – The Open Government Partnership is in need of substantial reforms in order for it to become a real actor of change for greater transparency, participation and accountability worldwide, Access Info Europe and Alianza Regional have stated in an open letter sent to the organisation’s Steering Committee.

The letter, supported by 64 civil society organisations, addresses five areas of improvement aiming to increase the OGP’s credibility and strengthen its core values:

» Establishing clear and rigorous criteria for dealing with human rights violations by participating countries;
» Ensuring real participation and co-creation of OGP Action Plans;
» A tighter and more effective OGP Independent Review Mechanism;
» A more responsive, open and democratic Steering Committee;
» Setting up financial support to guarantee civil society engagement.

There is strong support among civil society for a strengthening OGP so that will have a broader positive impact on transparency, accountability and participation, around the world,” noted Access Info Europe’s Executive Director, Helen Darbishire, who is one of six civil society representatives recently selected to join the OGP Steering Committee.

The Open Letter to the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee can be read here: alt

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