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14Jun 2019

European Ombudsman: European Commission was wrong to withhold its legal advice on the future Lobby Register from Access Info

Madrid, 14 June 2019 – The European Ombudsman has found the European Commission guilty of maladministration for not releasing to Access Info the Commission’s legal advice on the reform of the European Union’s register of lobbyists, known as the Transparency Register. Today’s decision by the Ombudsman comes after a three-year tussle over whether or not Access Info should have been

28May 2019

Contest: Digital solution for citizen participation

You have an idea for a new app or platform which can enable better communication and cooperation of citizens in addressing the problems of their communities? You think that digital democracy can support higher inclusion of citizens in policy-making? If your answers to these questions are positive, we invite you to share your idea about innovative digital solution which would

25May 2019

2019 European Elections: an evaluation of the political manifestos

A few hours away from the European Elections, Access Info invites for European citizens to elect their next representatives.  Because well informed voting is crucial for our future, we evaluated the electoral programs of five countries in which the representation is high, for their transparency in European Union activities. Among these countries are: France, Germany, Italy, Spain (only available in

30Apr 2019

Electoral program evaluations in collaboration with Poletika

Madrid, 24 April 2019 - For several years, as a member of the Poletika platform, Access Info Europe has evaluated the transparency commitments in the election manifestos of Spain’s political parties. These evaluations are published on Poletika’s webpage as part of the section on Democratic Quality (in Spanish: Calidad Democrática). In line with our commitment to transparency, we are publishing

17Apr 2019

Spain: Access Info calls on Government to use Regulation to strengthen the Transparency Law

Madrid, 5 April 2019 – In its comments submitted to the public consultation on the draft Regulation for Spain’s 2013 Transparency Law, Access Info has urged the government to take the opportunity to strengthen the right of access to information, with measures such as simplifying the request procedures. Specifically, Access Info has recommended that the new Regulation permit requests by

17Apr 2019

Access Info Europe helps create the CONSUL Democracy Foundation

22 March 2019 – Access Info Europe, together with civil society partners from across Europe, meeting today in Amsterdam, created a new foundation to promote citizen engagement in decision making using the CONSUL participation platform. The CONSUL Democracy Foundation will promote citizen participation worldwide and will oversee the use and development of the largest open source digital democracy platform – CONSUL,

Cover photo: International Open Data Conference via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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