Summary: Oral Refusal Followed By Administrative Silence

Request sent to Agency for Business Registration (Click here)
Outcome of request Administrative Silence
Time taken to respond N/A (Deadline is of 15 working days)
Reason for refusal N/A


On 5 August 2013, a request for access to the full company register database was sent to the Agency for Business Registration by Access Info’s partner BIRN. Under the access to information legislation, public authorities in Kosovo are legally bound to answer requests within 15 working days.

The first response provided by the Agency for Business Registration was given orally and they referred to the law on business organisations to deny us the information, explaining that they could not publish more information than what was stipulated by that law. When we asked for this decision to be sent to us in writing, the Agency for Business Registration told us to submit the request again.

Access Info resubmitted the request on 23 September 2013, but they have not responded at all since then. This request has therefore been classified as a case of administrative silence, given the failure to provide a reasoned refusal in writing.

Accessing Kosovo´s Company Register

Information available (for free) Name of company, register number, fiscal number, address of company, type of business, name of registered owner and names of authorised representatives, list of economic activities, number of employees, date the company was set up.
Provision for public access You can search through the register online at the Agency for Business Registration’s website, and you can make a blank search so you don’t need to know exactly what you are looking for:
Cost per record Data not available.
Cost for whole database Data not available.


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