Summary: You Must Pay For Access to the Company Register Information

Request sent to State Chamber of Registration (Click here)
Outcome of request Information refused.
Time taken to respond 6 working days (Deadline is 15 working days)
Reason for refusal Must pay for access.


On 14 August 2013, Access Info and our partner Iurie Sanduta submitted the initial request for access to the full database of companies to the State Chamber of Registration of Moldova. In Moldova, the deadline for responding to access to information requests is of 15 working days.

The response arrived 8 days later, on 22 August, and it explained that the information requested was already available online and could therefore be consulted on the website. The letter added that having this information online makes it easier to eliminate ‘bureaucratic barriers, double circulation of documents, as well as reducing entrepreneurs costs’, but it also made clear that you have to pay to access the information. The State Chamber of Registration sent us the price list for information as an annex to their official response to our request.

Access Info Europe decided not to pursue this request with an administrative appeal.

Accessing Moldova´s Company Register

Information available (for free) Information available for free is the business number, the date of registration, the denomination and the address.
Provision for public access You can make a research with the name of a company or the business number.
Cost per record Detailed price list :

  • Information (name, legal form of organisation, registration number, state identification number IDNO, registration date, registered office of the administrator):  36 MDL (2.06 €)
  • Information provided in p. 1, plus information regarding the shareholders, value of the share capital, share of participation of the shareholder, fiscal code, telephone number (except for the domicile details): 63 MDL (3.55€ )
  • Background of the legal entity and (or) of the private entrepreneur.
  • Development of the legal entity and (or) of the private entrepreneur beginning with the registration and up to the day of requesting the report on: a) initial registration; b) information in chronological sequence (except for the domicile details) : 126 MDL (7.10 €)
  • Information regarding the initiation of the procedure of reorganisation or liquidation of legal entities. 36 MDL (2.06€)
  • Information regarding the exclusion of legal entities and (or) of the private entrepreneurs from the State register 63 MDL (3.55 €)
  • Information regarding the cession of rights and obligations of legal entities 90 MDL (5.07 €)
  • The certificate confirming the registration of or reference to a certain act or fact in the register or in the constitutional documents 90 MDL (5.07 €)
Cost for whole database Data not available.


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