Summary: Administrative Silence: No response to our request

Request sent to Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Click here)
Outcome of request Administrative Silence
Time taken to respond N/A (Deadline is one month)
Reason for refusal N/A


The initial request was sent to the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 16 February 2015. The legal deadline for responding to access to information requests in Greece is one month.

On 26 February a response was received from a Chamber representative, which state that our request would be forwarded to his chief directors. A month passed and no response was received. Access Info therefore sent a follow-up request on 27 April, reminding the Athenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the legal deadline for responding to our request had passed.

A response was received the following day, stating that our request would be re-sent to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief directors. As the legal deadline for a response has once again passed, this request has been classified a case of Administrative Silence.

Accessing the Greek Company Register

Information available (for free) Name and status of the company, registration date, address, telephone number, email address, domestic activities, export activities.
Provision for public access A blank search is possible, but it randomly shows 500 out of the 60391 entries each time (different companies come up each time).You can search the electronic register by using: name of company, legal status, location, registration date, field of activity, products, country of product export, company nationality.
The search can be done in both the Greek and the English alphabet.
Searching is free.
Cost per record Data not available.
Cost for whole database Data not available.


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