Access Info’s Advocacy for Greater EU Transparency

The access to information requests filed by Access Info are only the beginning of a long journey towards our goal of greater transparency in the European Union. Using this research, we can then write reports on the state of transparency in the European Union, make recommendations based on our specific expertise, and rally all those interested in their Right to Know what the EU is doing. To find out more about our work, click on one of the links below.


Specifically for EU access to documents campaigning, Access Info Europe has teamed up with ClientEarth and Greenpeace. We are also members of ALTER-EU and work closely with Statewatch. We are also collaborating with ECAS on a potential project to bring citizens closer to the EU institutions via a Virtual European Citizens’ House (pending funding approval).


One method of campaigning is sending letters to your elected representatives. In the case of the EU these would be the Members of the European Parliament, directly elected every 5 years.

Press Releases

This section contains only Access Info’s EU press releases, which are specifically about our work on the European Union. To read the other press releases by Access Info please go to the Media section.


• Access Info Europe Brussels tour, 21-23 March 2011 (event summary coming up)
• European Parliament hearing on access to documents, 13 April 2010. Programme, Helen Darbishire’s speech, “Wikileaks or Wiki-Lex?”


The Secret State of EU Transparency Reforms (2011)


Question to Brussels (2009)

Spreading the Word

Of course, all of this work is useless is nobody finds out about it! One of the most essential parts of campaigning is making sure that people, civil society organisations and government representatives alike know what is being done to defend our democratic rights. It is now up to you to spread the word further, there is only so much our small team can do by itself. You can also join us on facebook or follow us on twitter.


One of the ways in which Access Info Europe can measure the impact it is having is from the reactions and responses we get to our emails and newsletters. To read some positive feedback on our EU campaigning from across the globe, visit the Feedback page. If you have something to say, just write us a quick email to pam @