Barcamp: Data Journalism

Pro Bono Publico and Access Info Europe are organising a Barcamp about Data Journalism on Tuesday the 15th of february at 17:00 in MediaLab Madrid (Plaza de las Letras. C/ Alameda, 15, 28014 Madrid – Metro and Train Station: Atocha).

The disclosure of public data (public databases and other collectives) raises the questions “who is going to process this data so that citizens can use it?” and “who is going to extract the stories that arise from the combination and comparison of various data sources.

One of the key players will be  journalists, who will find that besides writing stories as usual, they can also find new data, new perspectives and new stories in the vast amount of data that we will soon have access to. However, the processing and creation of new stories out of public databases require new skills. Journalists, besides writing stories and conducting interviews, must now be able to create, or at least  understand, software that can analyse the data bases, create illustrations and charts etc…

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the WWW, declared recently:

The responsibility

[to analyze datasets] needs to be with the press”

Reporters should be hunting for stories inside datasets”

Journalists need to be data-savvy”

New issues :

– Where can we get the data? who has to provide it?

– Skills of the journalists

– New narratives

– How to recycle yourself

– How to create alliances withother collectives for obtaining, processing y writing stories

– International experiences

– …

A barcamp is an open format in which the agenda is a decided as you go along, based on the input of the assistants. Pro Bono Publico and Access Info campaign to promote  the disclosure of public data and have organised this  meeting in order to create public debate around the subject and to develop data journalism in Spain.

Lisa Evans, researcher at the Open Knowledge Foundation and part of the Guardian Data Blog team, and Gavin Sheridan, blogger and journalist, creator of The story will be attending.

If you want to propose a mini presentation, sign up here: