Madrid/Warsaw, 30 June 2014 – Access Info Europe participated in a conference, working with Polish NGO Cities on the Internet, to present the final assessment of levels of implementation of The Access to Public Information Act 2001 by public bodies at the central and regional level.

The project, led by Cities on the Internet, aimed to promote a more effective realization of the constitutional right of access to public information by gathering data and analytical evidence necessary for civic oversight of implementation of that right, as well as its exercise.

The project researched, analysed legal frameworks, publications, training, and created a network of non-governmental organizations looking to improve transparency of actions by public institutions in Poland.

The final presentation by Access Info, presented by Andreas Pavlou focused on the need to treat Pubic Sector Information just like any other information that would come under current access to information legislation and standards.

The project included a monitoring of proactive and reactive transparency which resulted in a ranking of selected central and regional level public institutions (Transparency Index). The top institutions in the ranking were recognised and presented with awards by Cities on the Internet.

A more detailed description of the project is available here:file_pdf and file_doc

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