Journalists play a central role in initiating and stimulating public debates but face constant challenges in accessing information from public bodies, particularly when that information relates to issues such as corruption and organised crime, violations of human rights, controversial international relations, environmental contamination, relationships with business and lobby groups, and the more sensitive aspects of EU integration.

Legal Leaks helps to empower journalists to recoup their role as public watchdogs through exercise of their right of access to information in both their own country and other countries.

The Legal Leaks toolkit has been designed for journalists working in any media – newspapers, radio, and television – as well as bloggers and other information professionals who need to get access to information held by public bodies for their stories. Using Legal Leaks will give you the opportunity to make requests in your own country or to fill a request in another country. It is based on a comparative analysis of the access to information of the 40 countries of the Council of Europe region which have such laws.

Download the toolkit from:

Albania file_pdfBosnia and Herzegovina file_pdfCroatia file_pdfEnglish file_pdfHungary file_pdfItaly file_pdfKosovo file_pdfMacedonia  file_pdfMontenegro file_pdfSerbia file_pdf

If you are interested in holding a Legal Leaks training session for journalists in your country, and/or are interested in translating into your own language and adapting the kit to your national context, let us know!

For more information see the Legal Leaks project website: