Madrid, 4 December 2013 – Access Info Europe together with Inspiraction and Intermon Oxfam has called upon Spanish MEPs to support the creation of a public register of beneficial owners of any kind of corporate structure, trusts, and businesses. This letter was has been sent in the context of an international campaign led by the Financial Transparency Coalition, and with the participation of organisations around Europe.

This letter has been sent at a key time, with the EU revising the fourth EU Directive on Money Laundering. The period for presenting amendments closes on the 5 December and the letter is an opportunity to unite forces and confront the problem of money laundering and illegal capital flight which Spain is particularly exposed to.

Countries such as the UK and France have recognised that the creation and publication of registers of beneficial owners are necessary and are a new tool in the fight against corruption. It would be a great advance for Spain to adopt similar measures,” comments Vicky Anderica, Campaign Coordinator at Access Info Europe.

For more details, about the reasons and benefits in favour of the creation of such a public register, read the letter here.

For more information, please contact:

Vicky Anderica | Access Info Europe +34 606 592 976