Madrid, 9 June 2015 – – Access Info Europe has sent today its contributions to the open consultation by the Transparency Council and Good Government on its Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

Access Info contributions are divided in two sections:
» Some pending issues which deserve the attention and intervention of the Transparency Council, among which stand out: the need to press for the development of the Regulation that develops the transparency law; the need to simplify the process to submit applications; and the need torevise the management of deadlines of the institutions when answering  access to information requests.
» Suggestions about functions, commands and powers of the Transparency Council and the Good Government, among which stand out: the creation of the Spanish Network of Council and Commissioners of Information; the establishment of an enquiry mechanism; the creation of reports including the interpretation of the most confused elements of the transparency law;  the possibility to reinforce the independence of the Council; and the possibility to reinforce the competence and powers of the Council.

You can read the submission sent by Access Info here: word_icon alt

The period to send submissions will be open until the 15th of June. For further information about the consultation see: