29-30 October 2015
Vienna, Austria

Andreas Pavlou will be attending the ‘Vienna Policy Conference: Rebuilding Trust in Europe’ event. This conference will delve into one of the most important trends driving change in European politics: the dramatic drop in public trust in many political institutions. It will provide a space to discuss new research and analysis of the causes and consequences of the trust gap across the European continent. The Open Society Foundations and the ERSTE Foundation have invited politicians, policy researchers, activists and thinkers to seek new ways to rebuild trust at many levels, and to ensure that public institutions earn public respect in the future.

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Can’t wait to get started? No problem. Participate in the online debate organized by Debating Europe, and have a look at the articles of selected conference speakers at openDemocracy. Then share them with your networks using the hashtag #rebuildingtrust.

A summary of the conference sessions, panels and presentations, can be found here: alt