10th and 11th March 2016
Valladolid, Spain

Alba Gutiérrez will be participating in the course “Transparencia en la actuación de la Administración Pública y de los Tribunales de Justicia. Litigios derivados de su actuación” (Transparency in the conduct of the Public Administration and Courts. Law suits deriving from their conducts), organized by the Regional Government of Castile and Leon (Spain), which will take place on 11th March.

Alba will take part in the round table “portales de transparencia” (transparency portals) together with Cristina Ónega Salcedo (General Council of the Judiciary) and Antonio Ibáñez Pascual (Regional Government of Castile and Leon). Her speech will focus on the assessment of the main virtues and flaws of Transparency Portals in general, and of the two portals analysed in this course, in particular.

You can find more information here (in Spanish).