18 October 2016, at 16:30h
MediaLab-Prado, Madrid

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Alba Gutierrez will participate in the workshop on Transparency and the practical application of the Right to Access to information, which will take place in MediaLab-Prado, Madrid.
The workshop is open to everybody but it is especially addressed to social and neighborhood organizations since its main aim is to show the organizations how to use the new access to information proceedings (in the gubernamental, regional and local levels) to improve their impact and participation in the public sphere.
The activity will be also taught by the team of Fundación Civio (Eva Belmonte y Miguel Ángel Gavilanes), the President of the Spanish Council on Transparency and Good Governance (Esther Arizmendi) and the Deputy Director General of Transparency in Madrid City Hall (Joaquín Meseguer).

Workshop’s programme

  • Talk about the general characteristics of the Transparency Law and the Right to Access to Information in Spain, since there are no common transparency obligations for all the institutions.
  • See what information we have the right to request, which institutions we have to address to and what requirements we must meet to request this information.
  • Review the access to information’s process, explaining the period of time involved since we send the request until it reaches the competent body and they provide us with a response.
  • Show some tricks and formalities to make successful information requests using real examples.
  • Discuss the main excuses given by the institutions in order not to provide information and analyse if these excuses are relevant or if they really comply with the law.
  • Explain the two ways to access to information (without previous identification and with identification) implemented by the the Madrid City Hall through its Transparency ordinance.
  • Know the functions and responsibilities of the Spanish Council of Transparency and how to lodge an appeal if an information request is accepted or dismissed.
  • Analyse the real cases when an information request brought about a social change or a political rectification once the citizens could access to the information they demanded.

If you want to participate in the workshop, please, fill this form (in Spanish).