Madrid, 14 November 2016 – Access Info today welcomed the recent ruling by the Spanish Transparency Council that agendas of Cabinet meetings constitute information that should be available for public scrutiny in accordance with the obligations set out in Spain’s Transparency Law.

The Council’s important Decision rejected the arguments of the Ministry of the Presidency, concluding that publication of the red and green index

[1] in the agendas is not “internal information” and does not harm “the confidentiality of the discussions” of the Spanish Cabinet.

This very important decision gives the public the chance to know what topics will be discussed by the Spanish Cabinet, facilitating the public’s ability to hold their representatives to account for the decisions they make,” stated Alba Gutiérrez, Access Info Europe.

The publication of Agendas of Cabinet meetings is considered normal practice in other jurisdictions like France and the European Union. The Spanish government should now interpret this Decision broadly by proactively publishing the agendas of Cabinet meetings,” added Alba Gutiérrez.

The Ministry should disclose the documents to Access Info by 21 November.

You can read the Decision (in Spanish) by the Transparency Council here: alt

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Alba Gutiérrez | Access Info Europe
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Notes for the editors:

[1] The red and green index accompanying agendas of Spanish Cabinet meetings highlights for which topics there is overall agreement and for which topics further discussion needs to take place by the Cabinet.