European Parliament, Brussels.

Andreas Pavlou and Helen Darbishire, Executive Director of Access Info Europe, attended a lobby transparency event in the European Parliament organised by the MEPs Sylvie Guillaume and Danuta Huebner.

The event was held in the lead up to the InterInstitutional Agreement to be negotiated by the three institutions on the reform of the EU Transparency Register and lobbying transparency regime.

Following the public debate held in May 2016 and the Commission’s public consultation, the Commission has now made a proposal for a new Interinstitutional agreement for a mandatory Transparency Register.
Parliament is organising a public workshop in order that Members can benefit from the experience of national parliamentarians from the EU Member States with recent discussions held on national lobbying regulation, best practices and technical aspects of lobby regulation and academics’ views on finding the right balance between rights, obligations and public expectations. Stakeholders’ views on the different aspects of lobbying regulation will enrich the debate and the future negotiations.”