Madrid, 7 June 2017 – In baffling reluctance to be transparent about its own open government policies, the Spanish Government has appealed to the High Court against last month’s lower court ruling that it should provide Access Info Europe with progress reports on commitments under the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

It’s amazing that the Government is fighting so hard to keep secret information about what it’s doing to advance open government,” stated Helen Darbishire, Executive Director of Access Info Europe.

The documents on what each Ministry is doing under the OGP Action Plan were first requested by Access Info Europe in August 2015.

In May 2017 the lower court ruled that these documents are relevant for civil society to participate in decision-making processes.

This case is part of a worrying pattern of litigation by the Spanish government against rulings by the Transparency Council in favour of access to information,” added Darbishire.

Spanish press today reported on this case as an example of the absurdity of the Government routinely litigating rather than complying with the Transparency Council’s rulings. Articles are available here and here in Spanish.

Access Info, which is ready to continue this legal battle for greater transparency, earlier this week submitted its counterarguments to the Government’s appeal.

Background information about this case can be found here:
» Information about the initial access to information request, and the Transparency Council initial ruling in favour of disclosure.

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Photo: Mariano Rajoy, Presidente del Gobierno de España via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)