MediaLab Prado, Madrid

Helen Darbishire will participate in the Conference about the current use of data titled “My Data, Your Data, Our data”. This event is organized by the Open Data Iniciative and it will take place on 14th February from 9:30 to 14:00 in Media Lab Prado, Madrid.

Helen will take part in the Seminar Data, a round table where the participants will discuss the following topics:

  • Open data a social and economic oportunity
  • Innovation opportunities based on data.
  • Right to privacy against the generation of economic value and local economic activities.
  • EU Regulation.
  • Proposed Public Policies (not only regulatory policies)

Other participants in the round table will be:

  • Juan Tomás, OpenSistemas’ Data Solutions Manager
  • Borja Adsuara, Consultant of Digital Strategic and Public and Regulatory Affairs in Companies and the Public Administration
  • Elisa de la Nuez, Consultant of the General Secretary of the Hay Derecho Foundation

In order to know more, click here (in Spanish).