This year, we have seen how reality beats fiction. Countries and governments were not prepared for making decisions with a limited amount of time and under an emergency caused by the COVID19 pandemics. However, in order to make good decisions, we need to have accurate information. This is the reason why we need to rebuild ourselves as more open and inclusive democracies.

We recognize that institutional openness is very important in redesigning processes, including resilience, sustainability and replicability mechanisms. Collaboration of different actors is also needed if we want to talk and execute a governance model, with the objective of empowering people and communities.

That is why, the 2nd International Colloquium for an Open Reconstruction in Mexico City, focused on public solutions through openness actions in order to make Mexico City a better prepared city to deal with emergency situations like earthquakes or the COVID19 health emergency.

Helen Darbishire, Executive Director of Access Info Europe, participated in this event organised by the Institute for Transparency, Access to Public Information, Personal Data Protection and Accountability of Mexico City, with a presentation under the panel called“The relevance of Human Rigths in emergencies: Openness and Transparency Protocols ”.