Access Info Executive Director Helen Darbishire participated in the Scottish Public Information Forum (SPIF), the event bringing together rights holders, duty bearers, government, the Scottish Information Commissioner and the public around a table twice a year to discuss, equally, the practical enjoyment of access to information rights in Scotland.  Learning from each other helps improve understanding and practice across and within sectors.

It is organised by Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland (CFoIS), an independent, non-party political organisation that campaigns for a robust legal right to access information so people can find out how they are governed and how ‘public’ services operate.

The online meeting on 24 March consisted of three sessions:

    • Open Government – international trends?

Helen Darbishire, from Access Info Europe, a member of the Steering Committee of the OGP and Chair of the UNCAC Coalition, the network that coordinates civil society activity in monitoring and promoting the UN Convention against Corruption.

    • FoI Openness and Accountability in Scotland

Carole Ewart, Convener of Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland

    • Scotland – shaping our next Open Government Plan’

Doreen Grove, Open Government Partnership Lead, Scottish Government Strategy Unit