One year after the unprecedented global crisis resulting from the Covid19 pandemic, we are witnessing a change in the perception that governments, citizens, research groups and academia have of the fundamental importance of the human right to health.

In line with this trend, the III National Summit on Open Government and Transparency, organised by INAI, proposes an overview to analyse the links between health, access to information, accountability, transparency, innovation and citizen participation.

Helen Darbishire, Executive Director of Access Info, participated in this event under a with a presentation entitled: “What if we had achieved open government before the pandemic?”.

“In countries with greater transparency and less corruption, the population has had greater confidence in their authorities in the handling of the pandemic (…) During these months, efforts have been made to make information on the behaviour of the virus transparent and this helps in the development of vaccines. However, there is still a lack of transparent scientific information to ensure that more people are vaccinated (…) We have many opportunities to change the situation and make progress in transparency. In July this year, a special session of the UN General Assembly against corruption will be held for the first time, and the final Declaration of that session is currently being discussed”.