Connecting financial integrity and open government agendas in Europe, FACTI Panel briefing for European governments and civil society organisations
Co-hosted with Access Info Europe

In Europe and beyond, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) offers a platform through which governments and civil society actors are co-creating political commitments on a broad range of areas including the fight against corruption, tax fairness and asset recovery for development.

Synergies between OGP and the FACTI Panel’s work may bring impulse to financial integrity and the financing of the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore,the Panel would like to present its recommendations to European governments and civil society organizations engaged in open government reforms. In particular it wishes to identify:

  1. Key institutions and organizations that have willingness and capacity to engage with FACTI Panel recommendations and advise open government action plans.
  2. Messages and strategies to promote financial integrity and sustainability through open government.

Access Info’s Executive Director Helen Darbishire moderated this discussion which included the participation of:

  • Thomas Stelzer, Dean & Executive Secretary of the IACA – International AntiCorruption Academy and FACTI Panel member;
  • Venla Mäntysalo, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Justice, Finland;
  • Izadora Zubek, International Affairs Officer, Agence Française Anticorruption, France;
  • Inese Kuske, State Chancellery, Department for Public Administration Policy, Latvia;
  • John Devitt, Chief Executive, Transparency International Ireland.