Experts from free expression and civil society communities discussed how UNCAC Member States should implement commitments to enhance civic space, protect civil society organisations and journalists working on anti-corruption initiatives, and improving public access to information and transparency.

The panel examined public access to information as an enabler for corruption prevention and enforcement and how important it is for journalists and civil society organisations be able to effectively operate and therefore improve implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and the SDGs.

The panel discussion further highlighted that supporting anti-corruption work and those who initiate it also creates a healthy environment for SDGs to be implemented and to thrive.

Moderated by David Banisar, Senior Legal Counsel at ARTICLE 19.


  • Helen Darbishire, Executive Director, Access Info Europe, OGP Civil Society Steering Committee Member
  • Stephanie Muchai, OGP Civil Society Steering Committee Member, Kenya
  • Guilherme Canela De Souza Godoi, Chief of Section, Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists, UNESCO
  • Jaco Du Toit, Chief of Section, Universal Access to Information, UNESCO