Rendition on Record


Access Info Europe and Reprieve have used the right of access to information to investigate flights associated with “extraordinary rendition” – the covert transfer of prisoners by the USA from locations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Policing Of Protests


Access Info Europe asked 42 countries for information about the use of force by police in protest situations, ranging from the use of equipment such as rubber bullets, batons and water cannons, to training of police officers and evaluation reports.

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Detention of Migrants

Access Info Europe and the Global Detention Project submitted requests to 33 governments about the detention of migrants as part of an initiative aimed at improving transparency of immigration detention practices.

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21Dec 2016
  • unesco_sg

UNESCO urged to be transparent about its transparency policy!

Madrid, 21 December 2016 - Over 50 of the world’s leading civil society organisations, along with key experts, have called on UNESCO to share a draft access to information policy, which it is currently being discussed inside the organisation. In a letter to UNESCO Secretary General Irina Bokova, the civil [...]

8Jul 2016
  • EU_Turkey_Deal_Minutes

Post it-sized minutes of European Council meetings unacceptable says Access Info Europe

Madrid, 8 July 2016 – Access Info Europe has denounced the European Council’s recurrent lack of detail in its record-keeping, something highlighted by the shockingly minimalist minutes of the 17-18 March 2016 European Council meeting during which the so-called EU-Turkey “agreement” was concluded. The minutes of this significant meeting on [...]

7Jun 2016
  • worldbank

Access Info condemns slashing of World Bank’s Access to Information Unit

Calls for Transparency to be core part of future governance agenda Madrid, 7 June 2016 - Access Info Europe has criticised the decision by the World Bank to axe its department working on access to information and called on it to keep promotion of transparency as a core part of [...]

18Mar 2016
  • EU_Turkey_Deal

We Have the Right to Know: Is the EU-Turkey Deal Legal? So We’re Asking.

Madrid, 18 March 2016 – As EU leaders meet in Brussels to finalise details of last week’s controversial deal on sending refugees back from Greece to Turkey, Access Info Europe is launching an access to information campaign digging into the legality of the agreement, and asking EU institutions whether they [...]

17Dec 2015
  • Final_Cover_DetentionReport

The Uncounted: Lack Of Migrant Detention Data Denounced

Madrid/Geneva, 17 November 2015 - A serious lack of information about the number of migrants and asylum seekers in detention across Europe is impeding informed public debate, report Access Info Europe and the Global Detention Project following submission of access to information requests in 33 countries. The report comes as [...]

3Dec 2015
  • cop21

Excessive exceptions impede access to draft transparency policy of UN environmental body

Madrid, 3 December 2015 - Access Info Europe has raised concerns about unnecessary exceptions to access that have been included in the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) draft transparency policy which, if adopted in its current form, would severely restrict transparency inside the world’s highest environmental-protection authority. As part of [...]

Cover photo: Jtstewart via Flick (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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