Findings and recommendations for an Open Cyprus

Nicosia, 15 November 2011 – A Public Consultation was held from the 24 February 2011 to 20 June 2011 for the Access Info Cyprus Project report on access to information across the island. During this period, members of the public and had the opportunity online to engage in the debate on the right to know and the best mechanisms for advancing transparency and public participation whilst at the same time, the Access Info Cyprus team held round tables with civil society, journalists, business persons and public officials from across the island. The findings, recommendations and materials from the initial research and monitoring which can be accessed below, were provided tot he public as reference documents for use in the consultation.

Responses by the Access Info Cyprus Project to comments received during the consultation process have been incorporated into the full research and recommendations report that will be presented at the conference on the 21st-22nd November 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The full report will also be made available here as well as on after the conference.

•The Right of Access to Information in Cyprus Report (107 pages)

•Opinion Survey – Report (.pdf)
• Opinion Survey – Questionnaire (.pdf)

•Interviews with CSOs – Report (.pdf)
• in the Republic of Cyprus (.pdf)
• in the northern part of Cyprus (.pdf)
• Interviews with CSOs – Questionnaire (.pdf)
•Information Landscape Report (Public Bodies Websites) (.pdf)
• Information Landscape Report – Indicators (.pdf)

•Monitoring of Public Bodies – Report (.pdf)
• Monitoring Results – Republic of Cyprus (.xls)
• Monitoring Results – northern part of Cyprus (.xls)
• Monitoring of Public Bodies – Questionnaire (.pdf)

•Legal Analysis – Report (.pdf)
• Relevant laws – Republic of Cyprus
Relevant “laws” – northern part of Cyprus
• Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents (.pdf)
• Explanatory Report to the Convention on Access to Official Document (.pdf)

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